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Race Across America's finish line was an euphoric moment for me. The project was successfully completed. Thanks to me and many people who supported me. On site and remotely. During the race and during preparations. In the port of Annapolis, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, I danced with my team with joy. We completed our stay by visiting Washington and New York. Families and friends were waiting for us at the airport in Warsaw. It was a time to celebrate, without setting next goals.

There is a kind of trap here. There was a long preparation, then the race, success, celebration ... and then it was over. Something has ended. There is a certain void. A kind of shock. The routine that has followed over the last few years is no longer there. The so-called "five minutes" and you need to get back to your duties quickly. This is not easy. Huge challenge. Just don't let it go to your heads.

It is time to define what this end will be the beginning of. What did this whole story give me? What have I learned? How can I use it?

There were some things like that...

  • I became aware that generating good thoughts and ignoring bad ones translates not only into performance in sports, but also in other areas of life (work, family, etc.). It's good to surround yourself with people's positive energy and cut off messages that do not serve us. Emotions aren't something that happens to us. They can be a great tool for generating good energy, which is an additional fuel for action.
  • I learned that it helps me to be effective when I define a goal and then tasks. These may be tasks that I haven't done before. There is always time to learn or gain knowledge from experts. This may take a while, but be patient. Better to have a long-term plan than an impossible one.
  • A group of even the most motivated and best specialists is not yet a team. We have built an extremely effective team for the needs of RAAM. Later, using the methods of setting goals, planning, team identification, defining roles in the team, we did the same, creating a great team in business.
  • In order not to waste the knowledge and experience that I have gained on this long way, I help other athletes prepare for ultra races. I know that success in this type of sport is not only possible through physical training. There are many aspects that can and must be worked on. Additionally, everyone can use their strengths to compensate for their imperfections. Marginal gains works. Besides, not only in sports.
  • During speeches for business, I inspire managers and salespeople to set themselves and achieve very large goals. Sport is a good example. It has clear criteria for success. Business is usually more complicated, but there are techniques that can be used successfully here and there. It comes down to the fact that individuals and teams can achieve much more than they think.

In concluding this 10-stage (plus prologue) story, I would like to point out that what I wrote is only my own experience. There is nothing here that I have only read or heard. Pure practice.

Maybe someone will be inspired by this knowledge.
Maybe someone will use some technique.
Maybe it will be just a curiosity for someone.

Anyway, sometimes it's worth dreaming up something a little scary, because ...

  • Author: Remek Siudziński
  • Date: 25.06.2024