Get ready to race

Race Around Poland is the result of experience in starts in such races as Across America, Race Across Europe, Race Around Austria. Their specificity is different from shorter marathons or classic road races. To cover such long distances, you MUST be prepared properly. If you want to learn from someone else's mistakes, save time and use 10 years of experience, consider the following offer:

1. Advice

We arrange an hourly consultation (telephone, skype or sth) – a loose conversation about the goals, training sessions so far, here is the question about everything you have a problem with, what would you like to develop, what would you like to learn in the context of events such as RAP, RAAM, RAA, RAE, TCR, TABR… – all what can you bring closer to your goal
60 euro

2. Potential analysis and preparation plan

I send you a form in which you fill in information about the goal you want to achieve, the date when you want to do it (in a year, or maybe in 3 years), data about your fitness, training, previous competitions in which you participated, achievements – here is also a place to connect a link to Garmin Connect, Strava or Training Peaks, so that I have the most detailed data possible for analysis (historical data analysis is crucial in my method – I deal with it professionally and thanks to that I have finished RAAM solo)

Then we arrange a conversation after my analysis and finally set the goal, date and framework program of preparation. After this meeting, you’ll also know what the annual volume of training will be, you’ll get a preliminary recommendation related to any diet and supplements, information about mental training and what tests are worth doing at this stage. I will also give you tips on cycling equipment.

120 euro

3. Constant care

If you continue to be interested, we will enter into permanent cooperation, which consists in:

  • you get a workout plan every week
  • every day you register your physiological parameters and training data so that I have planning data for the next week
  • you have a planned volume of trainings in advance for each week, so you can plan your time in advance (beeing in balance with work, family, school)
  • we work with the Training Peaks platform, to which you get free access
  • every week we talk (mail, skype or phone) about the week worked and the planned week
  • you get diet and supplementation tips (full diet – as an additional option) – you get tips on mental training (full sport psychologist care – as an additional option)
  • you get the opportunity to use the services of doctors and specialists I have checked and keep up with recommendations on what and when to check
120 euro / month
Months (min 6)

I am interested in the service
preparations for the race