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If you don't need to be specially encouraged to test the limits of your endurance, and your comfort zone doesn't make you focused solely on the activities done at your own home, then you probably won't need to be reminded again of an event like Race Around Poland. If you also like competition and want to test yourself against the best ultracyclists in the world, then the 2023 World UltraCycling Championship is here just for you!

However, we know that taking part in such an event is a serious undertaking. It requires the right motivation and sacrifice, in both personal and financial terms, as well as a huge dose of determination. Sometimes, it's hard, as time goes on and the event approaches, to find the right arguments and build up the feeling that you've made the right choice, and sometimes, we need an extra boost of motivation to make that choice.

We'd like to help you with this. Below, there's a handful of arguments and thoughts on why we think we should see you at the start of the race on 15 July 2023 in Warsaw...

1. This is the first ever World UltraCycling Championship, and on top of that, the first event of the rank of the world championship in road cycling ever to be held in Poland. What's more, it'll be the first such championship in history!

2. We don't know where another world championship will be held, perhaps on another continent. This could mean it won't be held in a place you're so close to for a long time, and so easy to get to for relatively little money!

3. The logistics of Race Around Poland have been designed to make it as easy as possible for participants from outside Poland to make the trip.

- RAP (and WUCC) starts and finishes in Warsaw, so you don't need to organise the logistics of getting to/leaving/accommodating at the start and finish locations separately.

- The capital of Poland is conveniently, quickly and easily accessible from most European countries thanks to its two international airports, the railway junction, and the motorway.

4. Compared to other international races, in which you can compete in the categories with support, the entry fee has been set at an attractive level.

5. The costs of accommodation, fuel, car rental, or food, remain relatively low compared to other European countries, including the CEE region.

6. The organiser offers assistance in renting support cars and experienced support crew members, who communicate freely in English.

7. The route of the race is varied in terms of technical difficulty and landscape, leading through the most attractive regions of Poland. There'll be no shortage of flat sections with strong winds or those with steep climbs and fast descents!

8. The route is subject to slight modifications year on year, so there's the opportunity to set route records to be challenged in the future.

9. There is quality infrastructure along the route, with 24-hour petrol stations, grocery shops, and bars open until late (including on Sundays and public holidays). There's no need for catering, and the supplies can be replenished on the fly.

10. Poland is a highly urbanised country. In an event of emergency or a need for assistance, the travel time for emergency services is relatively short. The nearest hospital is never too far away.

11. Race Around Poland is a qualifying race for Race Across Amercica (RAAM). Based on the qualification gained at RAP, our participants have already competed in RAAM and more of them are preparing to start in the 2023 edition.

12. By competing in the RAP, you also collect points for the WUCA World Cup, and the Polish ultracycling classification of Ultracup.

See you at the start!

Photo: Damian Ługowski RAP 2022

  • Author: Mateusz Przygodzki
  • Date: 17.04.2024