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The answer to such a question is known to Sebastian Gruszka, who, in 2017, set up a blog describing the preparations for his first steps in the iconic Polish ultracycling events. The modest conception quickly evolved into a larger format, since the demand for reliable and verified information on long-distance cycling was huge, and there was a shortage of internet sources where such information would be available. This is how, in 2021, Poland's first information portal for amateur ultracyclists, Długi Dystans Rowerem ("Long Cycling Rides"), was created. Its aim, like ours, is to promote long-distance cycling in Poland, which is why we are delighted that it's just become one of the media partners of Race Around Poland and the WUCA World UltraCycling Championship!

The huge work done by the creator of Długi Dystans Rowerem has translated into more than 170 articles available online and read more than 200,000 times, as well as almost 80 episodes of the podcast listened to more than 40,000 times! No wonder his motto is "This is where the long-distance cycling begins."

Długi Dystans Rowerem is not only a source of knowledge, but also a source of information on various ultra events in the country and around the world. Here, you can pick up practical knowledge about ultracycling, get help in preparing for a race, and check the calendar of events to see if there happen to be any interesting ones on a date that suits you. The calendar is available to everyone, and any organiser can also submit information about their event. As we wrote above, the portal is also complemented by a podcast recorded by the author in the form of a weekly sports news review.

Sebastian is also taking care of the safety of cyclists in road traffic, which is why he also dedicates his time for the Fundacja Na Rowerze (a cycling-oriented foundation), and for Bezpieczne Kolarskie Czwartki ("Safe Cycling Thursdays"), which he organises in cooperation with Rowersi, a bike shop in Gdańsk.

The portal's media patronage means not just the inclusion of RAP in the calendar of events, but also race updates in the podcast. In addition, there will be a video report from the RAP route around the Tricity and other content on the web. Look out for the information about RAP and WUCC as well as other events on https://dlugidystansrowerem.pl !

  • Author: Mateusz Przygodzki
  • Date: 17.04.2024