Training camps

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Training camps

Registering for the race is the first step. Now it's time to prepare. It's your responsibility and we will try to help you with it. We are planning to organize 4 training camps, 2 in this and 2 next year, located on the mountainous part of the Race Around Poland route.

The first location is Istebna, i.e. the border area of ​​the tripoints of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. There will be a race there, including with the iconic driveway through Szare village and climbing to the Presidential Castle near Kubalonka pass. An additional attraction will be accommodation and meals in a proven, one of the best agritourism farms in the area.

The second place is Białka Tatrzańska, a proven hotel prepared and friendly to cyclists. The dates coincide with the Polish UCI Tour de Pologne. The plans include participation in the amateur version of the race, supporting „pros“ at the race, but above all, testing the relevant parts of the Race Around Poland route.

We will organize a transfer from Warsaw to both locations.

Now we are waiting for the end of the epidemic and will publish details on the website and social media.

  • Author: Remigiusz Siudziński
  • Date: 17.06.2021