Training camp - Istebna - 7-12 July 2020

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Training camp - Istebna - 7-12 July 2020

Schengen borders are open again, so welcome to Poland!

In order to bring road cycling enthusiasts to the picturesque part of the Race Around Poland route in the Silesian Beskid region, we decided to invite you to the best place in Istebna, i.e. Agrotourism "Na Polomiu". The location is breathtaking. No wonder that it is a permanent place for open-air painting. Away from the hustle and bustle of cars, but with good access. Surrounded by forest, meadows and mountain views.

Think. You get up in the morning in the beautiful natural surroundings, eat a delicious cycling breakfast prepared by the landlady, Renata. You get on your bike. Right near Szarcula, Presidential Castle, Kubalonka Pass... At the top - the coffee in good company and with beautiful views. Replenishment of fluids and calories. From the service car, you take your sweatshirt to the descent and rush on. After the training, you take a bath, give your clothes to the laundry, have lunch and dinner with dessert by Renata and it's time to relax. A nap, a sauna, a walk, maybe a visit to the Jerzy Kukuczka Museum? And at the end of the day, stories about ultracycling, a fireplace with a grill. Just have a good time! 

And you come home with a clear head, a strong leg and regional souvenirs.

Plan for the training camp:

TUESDAY 7.07.2020

- Access to Istebna (possibility of organizing transport from Warsaw Airport or hotel)
- from 4pm: accommodation in "Na Połomiu" agro-tourism, dinner, walk in the neighbourhood, campfire/grill if necessary


- Cycling breakfast, planning the day
- We train on the nearby uphills, e.g. Szare, Koniaków, Zameczek, Kubalonka, Salmopol, Szarcula, Równica
- We get to know the route Race Around Poland 2021
- After the training, the possibility of putting the clothes in the wash (included in the price)
- Cycling lunch and dinner
- Relax - sightseeing, sauna (included), leisure time
- Thematic lectures given by the Remek Siudziński (solo finisher of the Race Across America 2014)
  - Races and ultra training
  - Equipment and accessories
  - Ultracycling clothing
  - Nutrition and supplementation
  - Mental preparation
  - How to share time and focus between family, work and bike with the good results for all of them :)

- Campfire/grill

SUNDAY 12.07.2020

- Breakfast 
- Check-out and e.g. transport to Warsaw


We are stationed in the best agritourism in the area. We were there 4 times, as a famil, during trainings and cycling races. Such hospitality as Renata Bielesz and her husband's, you just have to experience it!

Accommodation in double rooms

The large dining room of the housekeeper serves a very rich breakfast (I bet you haven't seen it yet) in the form of buffet and lunch/dinner. The meals are prepared largely from the local products produced on site.

Coffee, tea, cake for dessert.

They are available at the facility:

- Wi-Fi
- car park for guests
- sauna for 9 people
- two fireplaces with grile
- volleyball court
- tennis table
- living room for 30 people

The rooms are equipped with:

- at least 2 beds
- private bathroom
- kitchenette
- kettle
- fridge
- towels
- bedding


How do we train?

All trainings will be tailored to the abilities and well-being of each participant.

In practice, it looks like this:

- We're planning a ride in the morning. Daily distances 50-150 km
- We have a technical car with a driver - an experienced bicycle mechanic.
- The car will contain branded drinks, snacks and supplements (Powergym, Agisko) (included in the price) and possibly participants' belongings / clothes.
- One of the organizers (Remek) always accompanies the riders
- A technical car is waiting at every peak
- We're waiting for everyone on top. There's time for coffee.
- Whoever has a lot of strength can climb up a few times.
- Whoever needs it can have an individual route/distance


It's not only about the bicycle. Once you've recovered from the ride, you can use the following attractions, e.g.:

- culinary delights in Agrotourism
- 11-12.07.2020 Istebna Days
- Jerzy Kukuczka Museum
- Kawulok's hut
- Lace Museum in Koniaków, where you can buy oscypek, cheese, bryndza and many regional souvenirs

The offer, or what is included in the price:

- 5 nights in double rooms with bathrooms
- 5 breakfasts, 5 dinners, coffee, tea, cake
- possibility to light a fire with a grill
- sauna
- laundry service after workout
- Wi-Fi
- organized group trainings with ultracyclist Remek Siudzinski (solo finisher of the Race Across America 2014)
- technical car and bicycle mechanic support
- isotonic, bars, gels, supplements at workout
- lectures and individual cycling consultations
- third party liability + accident insurance (with option - trainings and sports groups)


Cyclist: PLN 2400 or EUR 549
Cyclist + accompanying person: PLN 3200 or EUR 729
Transportation of cyclist and bicycle from/to Warsaw: PLN 200 or EUR 49

Cyclists who benefit from Permanent Coaching Care or have paid for participation in Race Around Poland 2021 - 20% discount

Additionally, by participating in Training Camp you receive a 20% discount on Permanent Care and participation in Race Around Poland 2021.


  • Author: Remigiusz Siudziński
  • Date: 29.01.2023