The Race for You

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The Race for You

The Race Around Poland is about 3600 km of route and more than 33 thousand meters of elevation, which can be covered solo or in relay, with or without support. The flexible formula and realistic limits for competitors with and without support make it possible for almost every ambitious amateur to think about starting the race, and the organisers have also thought about eliminating logistical problems connected with participation, which should no longer be an obstacle to the realisation of dreams of starting in an event of this rank:

  1. you want to take part in the RAP, but you are worried that the distance is too long? No problem, we have prepared "RAP Challenge 300", i.e. a 300 km race with the start and finish in Warsaw, and a limit of 24 hours. You can also take the route of the race and finish it at any of the dozen or so control points along the way - next year it will go even better!
  2. do you think that this is a challenge that is difficult to handle on your own? RAP is also an opportunity to cover the route, or a part of it, in a comfortable formula of 2 and 4-person relay race teams with the possibility to change riders at any time! If you do not have team members yet - contact us! We have more and more enquiries from interested riders - we will contact you and maybe together you will create a relay, thanks to which you will face the route?!
  3. would you like to take part in the race, but what is important to you is the feeling of security and the comfort of being supported so that you can concentrate on the result and not think about anything else? You can ask your family or friends and arrange for semisupported (1 vehicle, 2 support people) or supported (2 vehicles and 5 support people)! No support? This is not a problem - you can hire professional support for the entire race route from the organisers!
  4. Do you want to go solo, but are you afraid that in case of trouble you will be left alone? Nothing could be further from the truth! We are the only organisers of cycling races of this type to provide a support car of the organiser, included in the fees, which rides in accordance with the limit and will be provided with food and drink, which can carry the participant's deposit, or will take him/her to the nearest convenient place in case of trouble.

The RAP is not a mass event and the participants will not start simultaneously. Each of them will be equipped with a chip which will keep the position of the cyclist up to date, thanks to which supporting will take place mainly on the Internet. This means that in the strange times in which we live, the risk of Sars - Cov - 2 infection will be minimised. We are planning reports in social media, and on national television with a sports profile!

Race Around Poland is the coolest event of its kind in Poland next year! If you're making a calendar of challenges in 2021, think about Race Around Poland. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us. We invite you!


  • Author: Mateusz Przygodzki
  • Date: 14.05.2021