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Perhaps you have already tried your hand at racing solo. Probably you are into long distances. Otherwise, you would not have come to this page ....

What would you say to experience the ultra adventure experience pure team spirit?

You are two - friends, siblings, or maybe a daughter and father... One of you is racing, the other is resting, then change. You decide - when and after what time. You have two trusted people and a car to help. The carousel spins non-stop. You are always on the move. The lighter pushes on climbs, the stronger one tramples on flat like a rocket. One goes a little longer so that the other can still take a nap on the run.

How far are you able to propel this team to cover 450 kilometers a day? Will you cover the full 3600km in 8 days? Will the time limit catch up with you?

So much things can happen ... But you are a Band. One's weakness will be complemented by the other's strength. Feeling responsible for the Team, you are able to give a lot more! Will you check how much?

You don't have to finish in Warsaw. If you reach TS 1 in Hrubieszów in 16 hours, you are already in the results and a medals will be waiting for you.

But you will see that this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is what you experience. No medal, no finisher t-shirt... You will not feel the loneliness of a long-distance cyclist, because you will share feelings, sensations, impressions with your companion of the challenge! Even a solo supported rider does not have such a possibility, because what she/he feels while riding a bike is completely different from what his team feels in the car, although all these feelings are equally strong!

It will be an adventure of a lifetime !!!!

And what do you say, if we turn it up even more and for this occasion you will get:

- registration and starting fees with two full packages as a gift

- two Spiegel long distance bikes available for the race (San Marino and Diablo)?

..... because what you are reading is the recruitment for 2-person Spiegel Bikes Team!

On your side is car with two drivers and ... go!

Applications in the form of a letter describing why the two of you should choose should be sent to by the end of May 2021.

And for encouragement - our view of TEAM SPIRIT...

photo & video: Mariusz Michalik

  • Author: Remek Siudziński
  • Date: 17.08.2022