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As the Race Around Poland organizers we are constantly working on making sure that the event we are preparing takes place in the shape we gave it when we announced the creation of this project. We want the race route to meet your expectations concerning the level of difficulty and to provide you with unforgettable experiences. We also want it to be as safe as possible, given that the race will take place in open traffic. In addition, based on our own experience with this type of event, we want the route to be laid out in such a way that there are places to eat around the clock and places where you can rest for a while.

Such work consists in testing the route and its individual sections. We listen to your comments, remarks and suggestions, as well as we check alternative routes of particular sections. We also look for convenient locations for the checkpoints. We want such a place to provide for an opportunity to be able to eat something warm, bathe and sleep around the clock. Due to the state of the pandemic, the changing restrictions and limitations on activities and the deteriorating situation of the gastronomy and hotel base, we cannot yet provide a full list of checkpoints, including specific locations. No one can predict what these places will look like in a few months, but we will publish addresses and locations systematically and update the base as the race start date approaches.

Today we would like to tell you about the changes and modifications to the race route that we have made since the publication of its initial version, based on our own experience and your comments:

  1. During the test tour of the route it turned out that the condition of the road in the vicinity of Włodawa leaves much to be desired. The same is the case with the so-called Autostrada Sudecka. We decided to lead the route avoiding these sections;
  2. Following your suggestions (thank you!), we omitted the Trójmiasto (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) - you definitely do not like cycling there;
  3. We added a challenging climb to the Knurowska Pass, which guarantees spectacular views and is known to most Polish cyclists - we wanted to go there but it was not on our way, but you suggested that we return to this idea (thank you!).

The current version of the route is always available at this link:


We will do our best to keep the final location of the checkpoints as close as possible to the 300 km (24x12.5), but we cannot guarantee this for technical and geographical reasons. This is why the race limit for the solo category will be determined by the locations of checkpoints and not the times of the 300 km section, according to the scheme: CP1 - 24h, CP2 - 48h etc. and finish - 12 days (8 for team categories).

Planned locations of CP are:

CP0 start - Warsaw (Obórki)

CP1 - Hrubieszów - KM 318

CP2 - Wetlina - KM 605

CP3 - Czorsztyn - KM 930

CP4 - Kocierska Pass - KM 1201

CP5 - Złoty Stok - KM 1523

CP6 - Szklarska Poręba - KM 1795

CP7 - Kostrzyn nad Odrą - KM 2108

CP8 - Mrzeżyno - KM 2410

CP9 - Rumia - KM 2714

CP10 - Kętrzyn - KM 3023

CP11 - Sokółka - KM 3302

CP12 - Finish - Warsaw (Obórki) - KM 3626

We invite you to send us your comments on the route and the location of checkpoints, as well as to participate in the Race Around Poland!

  • Author: Mateusz Przygodzki
  • Date: 03.08.2021