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The end of the year is not full of significant events from the world of ultracycling in Poland, but the year 2021 turned out to be an exception!

As we have just been informed by Mr Marc Poland - the President of the World UltraCycling Association (WUCA), Remigiusz Siudziński, the co-organiser of Race Around Poland, has been elected to the WUCA Board and begins his three-year term on 1 January 2022. He has thus become the first Pole, and indeed the first person from Eastern Europe ever elected to serve on the board of the organisation. He joined the titled ultra cyclists elected at the same time: Italian Anna Mei, US ultra legend Seana Hogan, and Larry Oslund.

This is great news, as the WUCA is the equivalent of the UCI (The Union Cycliste Internationale) in long-distance cycling, and is also an international organisation for ultra cyclists from all over the world. Its aim is to popularise ultra cycling worldwide and to set standards for long-distance races, records and rankings.

It was founded in 1980, is based in the USA and is governed by 9 board members elected for three-year terms. Board members are elected by the members of the organisation.

WUCA provides technical support to races, compiles their results, manages world rankings of ultra cyclists and certifies attempts at long distance, cross country, city to city and time records (for 24h, week, month, year)

Let us remind you that during the first edition of the Race Around Poland, Arvis Sprude set a new WUCA-certified 7-day time record (HWMR), which has since amounted to 3023 km, a significant part of which was covered on the most demanding section of the race, through southern Poland, where almost all of the elevation gain of over 30,000 metres needed to overcome was concentrated.

On the WUCA website you can see the calendar of long-distance events around the world, the annual ranking of competitors and also check the current standardised long-distance world records. This is important, because thanks to such certification there is one place where you can check who holds what record and also plan to break a record of a chosen type, broken down by gender and age category.

Remek Siudziński's participation in the work of WUCA is a chance to popularize ultra racing from our part of the world and to show the world the popularity of local ultra cycling and the achievements made here. It is also a chance for ultra cyclists from Poland and abroad to reach for knowledge, help and inspiration which can be given by participation in WUCA. It also has its own social media channels to facilitate the exchange of information between ultra-cyclists, team members, observers of records and race organisers

  • Author: Mateusz Przygodzki
  • Date: 23.07.2024