Red Bull

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Red Bull

During Race Around Poland 2022, our athletes will be able to drink cold Red Bulls on the race track. We are happy that this is the second year of our cooperation with Red Bull Energy Drink, a global brand appreciated by outstanding athletes around the world!

It is worth mentioning that in the mid-1980s Dietrich Mateschitz, inspired by functional drinks from the Far East, created not only a new product, but also a unique marketing concept. This created a whole new product category - Red Bull Energy Drink, an energy drink which gives you wings whenever you need them!

We encourage you to read the article of Red Bull Polska, in which they talked to Arvis Sprude - Latvian, who after breaking the cycling world record during Race Around Poland in 2021 decided that Poland is a wonderful country for cycling

  • Author: Race Around Poland
  • Date: 17.08.2022