RAP Challenge 300

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RAP Challenge 300

Many experienced ultra cyclists will choose one of our long distances (900, 1800, 3600) to challenge their limits once again.

However, if you’re not ready for such a long distance and instead, you’d like to start and finish in the same place, we have an option for you - RAP Challenge 300 in 24h limit. On the first day of the event, you’ll ride 150 km from Warsaw to Czemierniki to come back to the capital city on the same route, consisting mostly of flat and smooth asphalts of south-eastern Mazovia. What's more, at the halfway point, you’ll have a great buffet in Czemierniki where you can regenerate before the return to Warsaw!

If you are thinking about getting to Warsaw by car, it may be convenient for you to park your car safely at the Ursynów City Hall during the Challenge.

By the way, we encourage you once again to take part in our RAP Challenge “bike meetings”. Let's get ready for the race together, and for your participation you will get a discount from the start fee!

More about the “bike meetings” at: https://racearoundpoland.pl/aktualnosci/przygotuj-sie-na-300km-czyli-pojazdowki-rap-challenge

Join the event on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1079873129553775

  • Author: Race Around Poland
  • Date: 29.01.2023