Race Around Poland 2022

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Race Around Poland 2022

Today we have memories of RAAM 2014 ... We had a few conversations with people commenting on Facebook. You write that it would be nice to ride such a long race as RAAM or RAP ... But not this year. Wise words!

Not all at once. Such a distance requires preparation. You know it well. Physical, organizational and financial preparation. You have to find time for that, place in your head. Set your life priorities. Consult with your partner. Manage a job. Finally raise funds and build a team!

That is why we have already thought about next year and have launched the registration for Race Around Poland 2022!

Start date: 23/07/2022
Rules: same as in 2021
Route: same as in 2021
Price: first minute until 2021-06-30 (see bottom table)

You don't have to be ready for RAP today, but you can take the first step today, which is usually the hardest.

And remember! Don't do it lightly. It requires planning, being ready to face difficulties, obstacles, doubts ...

However, you must know that:

  1.  We will not leave you alone with this decision. Follow our website and social media. You will find there many tips on how to prepare for RAP. If this is not enough for you - write to us or call us, as the participants of this year's edition do. We respond very quickly, because it is our passion and first of all, we want to pass on our many years of experience. You don't need to reinvent the wheel.
  2. By choosing to participate in RAP you are entering into a total adventure. Before you even take off, you will experience many emotions. By entering the preparation process, you will become not only a better cyclist, but also a better organizer, team player, manager and who knows who else.
  3. No matter which time station you reach, this race will give you lessons and memories that will stay with you throughout your life, and you won't have to write your race report anywhere in order to have something to tell your children and grandchildren.

And what? You probably need to sleep with this? Tomorrow is Friday - the best day to start a dream, a good day to turn a dream into a plan!


Photo: Mariusz Michalik

  • Author: Remek Siudziński
  • Date: 29.01.2023