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When we created Race Around Poland, we were guided by the idea of creating an event unique on the Polish market, one in which we would like to participate and which in our opinion was lacking until its creation in Poland. Its shape is the result of several years of experience and dozens of starts in various local and international ultracycling events. It draws on the best existing patterns and formats and their adaptation to the reality of the Polish market and local needs. Our efforts have been observed and appreciated abroad. Race Around Poland has been included in the prestigious World Ultracycling Association World Cup (WUCA), together with such races as Giro di Italia No Stop, Race Across Europe, Race Across France or Race Across Germany. We will also shortly be informing you about other exciting compliments and international cooperation, details of which are currently being refined.

Apart from our experience, from which we drew our knowledge, about what should not be missing when constructing the scope of RAP organizer's services, which are described in point XI of the Race Rules and are included in the participation fee paid by the participants, as well as other obligations of the organizer, we were also guided by the sense of responsibility towards all the participants, and the desire to provide them with the maximum value, in relation to the possibilities possessed and anticipated by the organizer. As a result, the package of benefits and obligations of the organiser looks more impressive than in most similar events. Nevertheless, its cost has been calculated by us at a lower level than in any comparable international event of this type, because we assumed in advance that the participation fees will only cover part of the costs associated with the organization of the event. We are convinced that the ratio of the value received in return for the cost incurred is already very good, so we are not able and do not want to reduce the fees, because this would have to be at the expense of what we as organisers have committed to provide.

Since we never wanted the fees to become a barrier for potential participants and since there are indications that, despite our efforts, the amount of the fees may be a problem for some of them, we decided to create the possibility of paying the entry fee in individually determined parts, the number and amount of which will depend on the participant, and the moment of starting the payment, since the deadline for the last part should be the end of June 2021. When choosing such a formula, it is enough for the participant to register in the chosen category, pay the registration fee, and contact us by e-mail sent to the address: for your convenience by entering "participant fee" in the subject line. We will contact you back and arrange payment details. What is important is that such a participant retains the right to pay the entry fee in the amount as of the date of payment of the registration fee, regardless of the date of subsequent payments. The earlier the decision is made, the lower the fee, and more time may elapse between the first and last payment, so we encourage you to contact us, also in case of any doubts that we could help you with!

See you at the start of the race!

  • Author: Mateusz Przygodzki
  • Date: 23.07.2024