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Race Around Poland is a race like no other in Poland.

In RAP, even if you participate in the "Solo Unsupported" category, you can be aware that behind you, according to the time limit, there is an organisers' car which will support you in a difficult moment, drive you to a hotel or a railway station if you have to stop racing, supply you with water or isotonic drink, collect your repack left at the checkpoint and take it to the finish line so you don't have to worry about it. Another car will take the pre-pack to the checkpoint where you intend to use it and where it will be given to you by the volunteers present on the spot.

The checkpoints have been organised in places where you can eat something warm, shower and rest around the clock and the organisers have ensured that you get a discount on the services you intend to use from the owners.

At the finish line of the race, apart from great memories, you will have a hand-made medal waiting for you and a package of professional photographs taken before the race during the pre-race briefing, at the start line and during the race by photographers moving around in organisers' cars.

Race Around Poland is also a race that will take place in open road traffic. This means that it is extremely important that the participants also comply with those provisions of the Rules and Regulations which relate to ensuring safety. Therefore, before the race there will be a technical briefing to check whether the participants and their teams have complied with these requirements. 

As we cannot predict everything, we are pleased to announce that the organizers of the Race Around Poland will be additionally supported by a qualified first aid certified EMT - Maciej Kremplewski!

Equipped with the necessary equipment, Maciej will be present at the start, and will join the photographic team moving in the organisers' car no. 2 (a vehicle that shuttles between vehicle 1 preceding the competitors, and car 3 closing the limit) where he will try to support directly or coordinate assistance for those in need, should such an event occur.

On board the vehicle there will be a complete R1 emergency kit consisting of equipment to secure or restore airways, administer controlled or assisted breathing and oxygen therapy, immobilise fractures and dislocations, provide thermal comfort, stop bleeding and dress wounds, dress burns, plus splints for fractures, sprays for bruises, abrasions, anaesthetic ointment and additional dressings and gauze.

Maciej is an extraordinary character! As well as being a qualified Lifeguard, he is a social and cultural psychologist (and auditor). He is currently training in sport psychology and rescue psychology (specifically psychological rescue e.g. in mass casualty catastrophes etc.).

He is a keen walker and solo traveller. He loves cycling, kayaking, extreme survival, psychology, spatial geometry, philosophy, anthropology and ethnology (tribal peoples and cultures), sailing and jungle trekking.

We hope his role will be reduced to offering extremely interesting company to our photographers, but we are glad he is with us with his mountain of equipment!

  • Author: Mateusz Przygodzki
  • Date: 24.09.2023