Race partners: Smarrr

With the needs of long-distance cyclists in mind, a group of enthusiasts of this sport, in close cooperation with experts and production technologists, created SMARRR Chamois Cream. Almost two years of research, subsequent versions and tests have resulted in a product that increases comfort during the longest races and bicycle trips.

Synergy of knowledge and passion

The inspiration to create SMARRR Cream was a set of experiences and expectations collected directly from the cycling community. This unique R&D process, which included not only the cream formula but also the functionality of the packaging, led to the creation of a product that meets the specific requirements and challenges of long-distance routes.

“Marginal gain” over the long distance

Thanks to its attention to detail, SMARRR not only offers protection and the feeling of regenerated skin, but also reduces friction, allowing you to travel further and faster in complete comfort. This is the result of an advanced formula, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by an independent laboratory and in practice, which makes this product an indispensable element of the equipment of every long-distance cyclist.

Packaging for maximum convenience

Supplied in a lightweight, clear plastic jar, SMARRR Chamois Cream is easy to transport and allows you to precisely control the remaining amount. Ergonomic and durable packaging, designed to maximize the use of every gram, is a response to the unique needs of cyclists. The capacity of 50 ml is sufficient for multi-day bikepacking or an ultra race.


SMARRR Chamois Cream is now available. See how it can impact your experience on the road. Provide yourself and your skin with excellent protection. Go to https://www.smarrr.com and order, and by entering the code RAP2024 you will receive a 5% discount.