Race partners: Piaseczno Poviat

Thanks to the cooperation with the Piaseczno poviat, the RAP 2022 competitors will start again at the bridge in Obórki, a picturesque place located at the mouth of the Jeziorka river to the Vistula, on the popular route leading along the flood embankments towards Gassy and the ferry crossing, and Góra Kalwaria - a real hot spot for Polish amateur cyclists!!!

The Piaseczno poviat consists of six communes: Góra Kalwaria, Lesznowola, Konstancin-Jeziorna, Piaseczno, Prażmów, and Tarczyn. Numerous tourist attractions in the poviat make it worth visiting at any time of the year!

One of them, and at the same time part of all the variants of the RAP route, is undoubtedly the Urzecze micro-region, stretching along the Vistula River. Two towns located next to each other, Góra Kalwaria and Czersk, can boast both an extraordinary history and a beautiful location on the Vistula embankment. Góra Kalwaria, founded on a cross plan, as New Jerusalem, following the medieval Jerusalem, is full of monuments of sacred and secular architecture, which to this day remind us of the monasteries located there, as well as the Jewish community that inhabited the city throughout a large part of its history. Czersk, formerly the seat of the Dukes of Mazovia, and today a small village, reminds of its splendor with the abandoned towers of its Gothic castle ruins that overlook the charming Vistula valley, dotted with rows of apple trees. Every April, the whiteness of its flowers reminds us of the beginning spring, and makes late cyclists aware that the season is already in full swing!

The Urzecze area is now taking on a new, unique character as the destination of countless bike meetings!!!

Piaseczno Poviat

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