Race partners: Municipality of Narewka

For the third time, the Municipality of Narewka is one of our partners! Time Station 11 will be located at Stanica Kajakowa w Narewce, Narewka’s canoeing station!

Stanica Kajakowa w Narewce on the Narewka River, is not only of interest to local canoeists, but also a tourist information point, accommodation, and an atmospheric camping site. The fenced area of Stanica Kajakowa, including a comfortable car park and a campfire shelter, provides a safe place for tourists who seek direct contact with nature. Nearby, we can rest and relax at the reservoir, where we can find a sandy beach with umbrellas and hammocks for lounging, a modern playground, a small pier, and benches.

The Narewka commune is located in the south-eastern part of Podlaskie Voivodeship, close to the Siemianówka Lake, counted among the largest reservoirs in the country and a major tourist, nature, fishing and sports attraction. The entire municipality is located in the Białowieża Forest protected landscape area, and four nature reserves are located within its borders.

Thanks to the authorities of the Municipality Narewka, the RAP racers will be watered, fed and will have the opportunity to stay overnight before continuing their journey.

Municipality of Narewka

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