Race partners: Mondolab Suplements

MONDOLAB works on optimizing training through comprehensive, balanced and safe supplementation. Mondolab specialists cooperate with scientists, sports organizations, nutritionists, physiotherapists and sports organizations. They analyze how sustainable activity translates into effectiveness, results, improves mood, gives willingness and motivation to both professional athletes and people who simply cannot imagine life without sport.

Thanks to this, they developed a proprietary 5-stage training supplementation system, which is a professional support on the way to mastery, well-being and living in harmony. You can introduce all MONDOLAB products to your training plan or choose support for a specific stage. Properly understood and organized supplementation in sport ensures balance, physical and mental strength, necessary to achieve the best results.

If you are a participant of the 3rd edition of the RAP, you will be able to replenish fluids and microelements thanks to the isotonic drink Mondolab available at Time Stations!


Mondolab Suplements

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