Race partners: Mircze Commune

The Mircze Commune, it was here, in the Bug River town of Kryłów, that the first Tiime Station of the WUCA World UltraCycling Championship - Race Around Poland was located. Participants will be provided with accommodation prepared especially for this occasion, as well as refreshments. The Mircze commune and the Commune Cultural Center in Mircz, in cooperation with Mikołaj i Wilk. The painted house will host all participants of the Rally who will appear at the first checkpoint in a traditional way for our region.

Why Kryłów? – is a town located on the Bug River, with a multicultural history and well-known monuments in the region, which is worth visiting. The legendary statue of St. Nicholas and the wolf by the constantly flowing spring, the ruins of the Ostrorogów castle from the 17th century located on an island surrounded by the waters of the Bug, the remains of the Reformati monastery from the 18th century or the palace gate and church from the 19th century are just some of the places in the area worth visiting note. The multicultural character of Kryłów, which used to be a town in the past, is also evidenced by the Orthodox cemetery, Jewish cemetery and many Catholic statues, as well as information about Kryłów as a strong Calvinist center in the 16th century.

In the former castle courtyard, you can climb the earth bastion rebuilt in 2010, from which we can observe the border areas of Ukraine through a telescope placed there.

In 2008-2019, Kryłów hosted the European Neighborhood Days, which were organized together with the Ukrainian side, and since 2021, every year an event combining recreation, folk traditions and hunting culture has been held in this town - the next event will take place on August 6.

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