Race partners: Mayor of the Warsaw Wilanów District

Wilanów is a very special place, inspiring and interesting, diverse in terms of landscape, society, architecture and culture.

Wilanów is located in the southern part of Warsaw, between the western bank of the Vistula, Skarpa Wiślana and Ursynów. The southern border of the district is the border of the capital city.

The name Milanów was used until the second half of the 17th century. In 1677, the manor in Milanów was bought for Jan III Sobieski by the Ruthenian voivode and the Great Crown Treasurer, Marek Matczyński. The king wanted a seat worthy of a European ruler: a beautifully situated Italian villa, referring to the ancient tradition, surrounded by a garden and supplied by an appropriately developed farm. This project he called Villa Nova. This is how the name of today's district of Warsaw was created: Wilanów.

In the immediate vicinity of the Wilanów residence, there is the Church of St. Anne, founded by Prince August Czartoryski in 1772. In Powsin, on the other hand, there is the Church of St. Elżbiety - the sanctuary of the Longing Mother of God - for many years the destination of numerous pilgrimages and tourist trips.

The Poster Museum, a branch of the National Museum, opened in 1968, is located in the palace and garden complex in Wilanów, in the place of the former riding school. The collection has approx. 54 thousand. works of the best artists. Every two years, the Museum hosts the International Poster Biennale.

Contemporary Wilanów is one of the fastest growing districts of the capital city. Warsaw, with an area of 36.73 km2, inhabited by over 40,000. people (exactly, according to data as of October 17, 2022 - 43,477). The number of residents of Wilanów is constantly growing, as it is an area of many ambitious development projects. Ultimately, over 100,000 inhabitants will live in Wilanów.

However, Wilanów is not only exclusive housing estates. There are also protected landscape areas and reserves, historic urban layouts, lakes and remains of Dutch settlements.

Thanks to the hospitality of the District Wilanów authorities, the Race Office will be located in the Wilanów Town Hall and the Racers' Briefing will take place. The teams will also be able to use the underground car park under the Town Hall.

Mayor of the Warsaw Wilanów District

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