Race partners: Gmina Czemierniki

The Czemierniki commune is located in the Radzyń County in the Lubelskie Province. It is inhabited by 4,649 people (2006).

Due to the fact that the 150 kilometer of Race Around Poland, and thus the halfway point of the RAP Challenge 300 route, falls in Czemierniki, we asked the commune administrator to participate in the organization of our race.

The result of these talks is the fact that the fastest racer on the RAP Challenge 300 route will receive the Czemierniki Commune Cup and a cash prize of PLN 500.

Additionally, all racers will be able to take advantage of the free buffet with regional dishes from the Lublin region in Czemierniki. Yummy!

Thus, Czemierniki became a partner of Race Around Poland 2021 and we hope that also for the next 10 years ...

Read what historical and natural values ​​the commune offers:

Due to its historical and cultural values ​​(including the almost unchanged spatial layout of the city and unique architecture), the settlement of Czemierniki was entered in the register of monuments of the Lublin Province. In the commune, there are also manors in Bełcząc and Stoczek as well as 92 wooden houses, 20 chapels, 2 farms, as well as a mill, barns, cowsheds and a jail under conservator's protection.

In the commune you can also admire the palace and defense complex and the church of st. Stanislaus the Bishop and Martyr, completed in 1612.

The commune of Czemierniki plays an important role in the system of protected areas in the Lublin region.
Tyśmienica Valley is one of the most important bird refuges in Poland - a real paradise for ornithologists. Thanks to its ornithological values, it has been classified as one of the Natura 2000 bird sites. It is an area of ​​European importance and at the same time an important ecological corridor of supra-regional importance. The Tyśmienica River is an important connection between the important ecosystem of Polesie Lubelskie with the Wieprz valley and the ecological corridor of the Vistula River.

There is a concentration of water-marsh birds such as: the little tern, the redshank, the black-tailed godwit and the plover. A rare representative of the heron family here is the white heron, often seen in the Skruda ponds. The following species are also associated with this environment: the red-necked grebe, the little tern, the tufted duck and the Montagu's harrier. Among the birds of prey, one should mention the birds of prey that often hunt here, such as: the cabbage and the two most important species, such as the eagle owl with its breeding site here, or the white-tailed eagle that smells at the ponds near Suchowola.

The fish waters of Tyśmienica are very popular with anglers.

Gmina Czemierniki

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