The lifetime racer number

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The lifetime racer number

It's a beautiful tradition taken from the Race Across America. John Marino, the first organizer of the RAAM and one of the four participants of the first edition in 1982, started with number "1". This number was forever reserved for him. Like number "2" for Michael Shermer, a recognized doctor who was the first to describe the ailment of long distance riders - Shermer's neck - that the neck muscles of a rider in a cycling position are no longer able to carry the head. Similarly Christoph Strasser, 7-time RAAM winner, will always be "number 377".

We introduced similar rules to the Race Around Poland. Every solo racer, regardless of the category in which he starts, after paying entry fee, gets a number for life, which he will be able to use in every subsequent edition of our race. Thus, we congratulate Wojciech, who received a "one" and Piotr, who has been provided with a "two".

Photo: Jarosław Siudziński

  • Author: Remek Siudziński
  • Date: 25.06.2024