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Passion is not everything. Most of us, apart from passion, sport and cycling, also have a different life. There are wives, mothers, fathers, husbands among us ... From my point of view - sacrificing everything for passion is not a good idea.

I play three main roles in life.

  1. I am a family member: husband, dad, son
  2. I have a professional job: I run a business, manage analytical projects, coach cyclists and organize a race
  3. I am an ultracyclist: I take care of my physical condition, train and race in competitions

I try to keep a balance between these roles. If I hadn't, my life would probably have been reduced to one of these roles, and the other would be funding the first one at best. I would reduce myself as a human. I would lose joy in life and energy.

My method for doing this is that I try to keep none of the roles in competition with the other, but supporting it. I am happier riding a bike and I can pass positive emotions to my family. By example, I raise children by showing them that spending time actively is an integral part of life. It is difficult in the age full of computers and smartphones, but still possible. The daughter is almost always willing to respond favorably to the offer of going out cycling. My son knows professional cycling better than I do and he likes to ride (although not racing) on ​​the roadbike. When the kids were little, they didn't understand my job, but they understood that I was a cyclist and they were proud when I came to school meetings and talked about ultracycling in class.

The implementation of a long-term sports project gave me the feeling that I can also do large projects in business, build effective teams and not be afraid to enter into topics for which I do not have a CV. And the other way around - the experience of working in corporations has provided me with project management methods that I can use in sports and taught me how to get along with (almost) everyone. Similarly, thanks to my professional work, I can finance my passion.

My wife's support and positive family energy are the prerequisites for effective training. Without it, I wouldn't want to go out on a bike. Training is also a good brain cleansing after work. There is a time when - and nowadays it is getting more and more difficult - I have the opportunity to disconnect all stimuli attacking the brain. It's just me and the bike. In such circumstances, the head opens up to creativity. There are ideas for new projects to solve a given problem. Everything turns out easier. Even though I am not intentionally thinking about work.

Since I checked that such a system works best, I got rid of remorse when I go out to training. Erroneously, this is the time I "steal" from my family, or it is the few hours that I could make more money. Erroneously. It is because of the system of mutual support in life roles described above.

Of course, there are exceptional situations when I stay at home, because my family urgently needs me, or I give up training because in the evening I finish a project with a deadline and I'm physically and mentally exhausted. However, I don't make a rule of it.

It may look simple, but it is not. It requires planning the time in which each of these roles is performed separately and not marginalizing any of them.

Unfortunately, the trap is that it is easiest to marginalize the family. Work has its time - usually at least 8 hours a day in pre-planned hours. Sport has its own training plan. And the family? There are no hours, no deadlines ... That's why it's easy to neglect. Be careful with this and plan some time for the family. And also be prepared to drop everything for a while at those times when family craves attention.

Coming back to responsibility in sports ... You can have a great team built in which people do many roles for you. Remember that the responsibility is always on your side. For the result. For dealing with unexpected situations.

Various things happen. Someone quits at the last minute from the team supporting you during the race. Something will not work out organizationally. You need to change your plans at the last minute ... It's worth building a reasonable feeling that no matter what happens, you will always manage it. And you don't have to worry excessively about a future that you don't know. Don't build plans B, C... too early. You've always been able to cope with every situation, you can do it now! Because you are responsible.

You don't have to control everything. This makes your brain very relaxed and gives you a feeling of peace.

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  • Author: Remek Siudziński
  • Date: 17.04.2024