Gadgets of RAP!

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Gadgets of RAP!

Having presented them individually, let's summarize the list of equipment and gadgets that you’ll be able to receive as prizes and for participation in Race Around Poland, or, with our help, order at any time:

  • E1X and E2 cycling saddles by Infinity Bike Seat
  • Diablo and San Marino bicycles by Spiegel Bikes
  • Manaslu Outdoor creams
  • NAMEDSPORT> water bottles
  • technical jerseys for all participants
  • cycling jerseys for 3600 riders
  • caps for 900 riders
  • medals for finishers of at least 300 km
  • cups for the winners of each category
  • Race Around Poland stickers

In addition, there’ll be a service provided by Bike Atelier Warszawa at the start, providing an opportunity for final adjustments just before the race!

  • Author: Race Around Poland
  • Date: 24.09.2023