Race partners: Ursynów Cultural Center "Alternatywy"

The newly created Ursynów Cultural Center "Alternatywy" located at the Town Hall of the Warsaw-Ursynów District invited Race Around Poland participants to their place on the occasion of the honorary start and finish of the race.

The aim of "Alternatywy" is to conduct various cultural activities in the field of creating and disseminating culture and art, cultural education, as well as animation and development of the amateur art movement. It is a place of integration of various communities, also related to sport.

The Race Office will be located at "Alternatywy" and will host:

  • pre-race briefing
  • registration of participants
  • photo session

We would like to thank the director of "Alternatywy", Krzysztof Czubaszek, for opening this wonderful facility for cyclists and their teams.

At this link you can see a conversation with the director and make a virtual visit to "Alternatywy"

Ursynów Cultural Center "Alternatywy"

Partner's website