Race partners: Spiegel Bikes

We are proud to present the Spiegel Bikes brand, which has finally come to Poland! Spiegel Bikes is a brand aimed at cycling enthusiasts for whom the most important sport goal is to constantly improve their results, especially in long-distance cycling competitions. It is a brand whose mission is to create a bicycle with the right combination of performance and comfort at an affordable price.

You do not need to be a professional cyclist to enjoy a Spiegel bike and feel the difference that the ability to ride a bike designed for fast and comfortable overcoming long distances gives you. At long distances you face many opponents, some of them stuck in your own head and the concept of being "invincible" often means overcoming your own barriers regardless of your final sporting result. But being invincible is also a choice. But before making that choice, take a look at "der Spiegel" (German for "mirror") to make a promise to yourself that you will get the best out of you.

Now that you are determined to work in the sweat and pain of your brow to become invincible, you will realize that using better and lighter equipment can help you achieve this goal, giving you that extra edge.

Spiegel Bikes

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