Race partners: OKiW Bukowina

Time Station No. 8 (on the 2,400 km route) of the race is located in the "Bukowina" Culture and Recreation Center in Kołobrzeg (Podczele).

Bukowina is a guesthouse located in a quiet part of Kołobrzeg, in the Podczele district, in the buffer zone of the Natura 2000 landscape park. It is a perfect place for people who value direct contact with nature, silence, peace and a breath of refreshing air saturated with iodine. A sandy beach 500 m from the guesthouse, bicycle paths, forest surroundings, good communication with the city center and seaside towns will satisfy all guests who want to spend their free time on the Baltic Sea. Podczele was established in 1935 as a base for the German airport in the neighboring town of Bagicz. Barracks, a garrison estate and a casino were built here. In 1945, Podczele, including the airport, was occupied by the Soviet Army. As in many such places in our country, an independent Soviet town was established here with shops, a hospital, a school and a housing estate. There were approximately 2,000 soldiers and their families here. In 1992, when the Soviet Army was withdrawing from Poland, Podczele was incorporated into the city limits of Kołobrzeg. The owner of Bukowina is passionate about history, especially the history of the area where the guesthouse is located. It has its own collection of exhibits directly related to the past of Podczele and the past era of the Polish People's Republic.

Bukowina offers rooms for 1-7 people with full bathroom facilities.

There is a cafe and a canteen at guests' disposal, where, in addition to delicious fried fish, the menu includes tasty home-made dinners. The guesthouse has a parking lot (unguarded, monitored), a playground for children, a barbecue area and a bonfire place.

24/7 management supervision ensures the safety and satisfaction of guests.

Bukowina is a guarantee of peace and quiet away from the noise of the big city, a pleasant atmosphere and friendly service.

The Bukowina guesthouse is distinguished by:

• possibility of organizing additional attractions during your stay

• very good service that will solve all your problems.

• for us, the customer always comes first

• very attractive prices

• booking flexibility

• price negotiation possible for large groups

OKiW Bukowina

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