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The Manaslu Outdoor brand creates cosmetics for conscious and demanding people who want natural and effective skin care and protection.

Manaslu Outdoor creams protect skin against harmful external factors, such as smog, UV radiation, frost or wind. They create an effective and at the same time invisible barrier that prevents harmful air pollutants from penetrating the skin. They are irreplaceable both during extreme challenges, where the skin needs uncompromising and effective protection, as well as during outdoor recreation or working in difficult conditions. Thanks to the richness of natural ingredients, they will also work well as everyday care for your skin. Cream formulas have been developed on the basis of the highest-quality natural ingredients and those created as part of the latest discoveries in the field of cosmetology. Thanks to this, they protect and at the same time nourish and deeply moisturize your skin to make it look healthy and radiant in all conditions.

It turns out, however, that Manaslu can also protect these hidden parts of the body ...

Here are the experiences with cream by the ultracyclist and co-organizer of Race Around Poland - Remek Siudziński:

In ultracycling, a frequent cause of failure in competitions is abrasions from the saddle caused by cycling for several days for 20 hours a day. Disappointed with the effectiveness of the brand name products used so far, I started to test the Manaslu Outdoor Extreme cream.

After 1.5 months of testing, during which I traveled 3,200 kilometers, I decided to switch fully to this product. It works both prophylactically, i.e. delays epidermis damage, and nurturing (e.g. during the 6-day ultra challenge), and also accelerates healing and return to training immediately after a long-distance race. Its consistency is comfortable after use - the cream is not sticky. The contained substances do not cause burning.

The 4o ml package weighs only 50g, which is not without significance in bikepacking, where every decagram and luggage space counts :)

Winter made me swap my bike trainings for a trainer. I switched to Zwift and trained almost every day. Manaslu Extreme was able to keep the skin in good condition during this time, so that it was ready for the next training day after day. Even a 16-hour everesting was not a problem. I just enjoyed the pain-free ride!

We are glad that as ultra enthusiasts have joined forces with mountain enthusiasts and owners of the Manaslu Outdoor brand.

Manaslu Outdoor

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