Race partners: Euroservice Volvo Warszawa

Euroservice Volvo Warszawa - as a Volvo dealer and service centre - has been operating in the market since 1967, thus making history as the first Volvo dealer in Poland. Basing on more than four decades of experience, we managed to achieve the position of the largest distributor of Volvo brand in our country. At present, we have two showrooms in two locations - at 62 Płowiecka Street and at 239 Aleje Jerozolimskie, where we offer you a full range of Volvo cars and put at your disposal our highly qualified advisors.

Euroservice - Authorized Volvo Dealer and Service offers:

  • sale of new Volvo cars,
  • purchase and sale of used Volvo cars in the Volvo Select programme and other brands,
  • Volvo service - mechanical and car body and paint (ASO Volvo),
  • sale of original Volvo spare parts and accessories, including bicycle parts😊.
  • financing the purchase of a Volvo car with a loan and/or leasing,
  • long-term lease of a Volvo,
  • motor insurance and others of various companies.

Our activity has repeatedly met with recognition from opinion-forming media and institutions, which can be proved by awards and distinctions received by Euroservice Volvo. We are proud of winning the title of Dealer of the Year five times, which is the highest distinction among Volvo dealers in Poland. Euroservice also wins numerous awards in the fleet dealer category, because in this area the company operates very dynamically, gaining a group of regular business clients.

Euroservice is a guarantee of professionalism and the highest quality of service. Thanks to us, buying a Volvo will be a great experience for you.

Volvo will assist the riders and organizers on and off the race route from the start to the finish. We will use Volvo's zero- and low-emission electric and hybrid models to help minimise air pollution nuisance.

IT'S NOT THE END! To meet the eager but hesitant riders in the Volvo family, as part of our collaboration on the project, Euroservice is offering to cover the SUPPORT costs for both solo and team performance over the full and ½ distance for the first entry to Euroservice.

Euroservice Volvo Warszawa

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